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Elite Performance

Elite Performance is a 12-week basketball-specific strength and conditioning program designed to increase your overall athletic performance on the court. This comprehensive and science proven program is tailored to basketball players of all skill levels and positions. You can expect improvement in explosiveness, quick first step, vertical jump, footwork, power generation, agility,  balance, mobility, injury prevention, and proprioception!

*Elite Performance is currently looking for individuals to participate as case studies at a discounted price of $33.49 a month for 3 total months. Your progress and feedback will be closly monitored and used to refine the program for future clients. If you truly want to transform your athletic performance hit the "Purchase Now!" button below!

What's Included?

Strength and Conditioning Coaching:

Elite Performance is an 84 day program that was created and designed to increase your athletic performance specifically for basketball. I used a scientifically proven formula to design the different phases in "Elite Performance." There are a total of 4 phases in the program. Each phase will blend into the next effortlessly, which allows you to continue to improve your performance. You will build strength, explosiveness, power, and completely unlock your athletic capabilities!

Step-by-step guidance:

Users receive in-depth video description for each exercise as well as sets, reps and week to week and month to month progressions. I visually demonstrate how to perform each exercise with a description discussing common mistakes and how to avoid them while performing that exercise!

24/7 Support from coach:

You will receive 24/7 support where you will be able to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns, and i will get back to you as soon as possible! This has been proven to be an extremely valuable tool for my clients, each and every one of them frequently reach out to me because i truly care about you and your success.

Nutritional Guidance and Recovery:

Being a high level athlete is more than just being strong, skillful, talented, and even athletic. Being a high level athlete means taking care of your body and eating the right things! In order to train effectively you need to be eating the proper foods, macronutrients, and stretching effectively. I help with this by providing meal prep recipes, custom macros, grocery shopping assistance lists, and recovery protocols!

Science proven formula!

Elite Performance was created being backed by science and this proven formula!

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