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Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance training is fully personalized for your specific sport and goals. We take a comprehensive approach that is designed to enhance strength, speed, jumping ability, agility, and overall athletic performance through Linear and Undulating periodization! Matthew Gonzales has worked with athletes who have received d1 level offers, and trained athletes that now play at the collegiate level. Whether your an aspiring athlete, or an elite level athlete, You will become a more explosive, and powerful player on the court/field!

Weight Lifting

What's Included?


You will receive a unique, comprehensive, and fully personalized plan that includes all aspects of athletic training. Your plan will be created with your athletic goals as the #1 focus! You will have workouts that you will have to complete on your own time, nutritional goals and guidelines to follow, and injury prevention protocols you must do in order to ensure maximal improvement in your performance!

Client Story's!

Zach recently recovered from a severe shoulder injury and he is already one of the best running back in high school football in northern nevada. When he started working with me he had low muscular endurance, his strength wasn't where it used to be, and his nutrition needed to be dialed in. Zach is now hitting new PRs with majority of his lifts, his nutrition is phenomenal, and he's on his way to being in his best athletic form ever!

-Zach Eaton, Running Back at SSHS

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