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Speed Based Performance Training



Start training with ELITE PERFORMANCE TODAY and enhance your strength, speed, agility, endurance, vertical jump ability, and overall athletic performance. We believe in a 1:1 personalized approach, with a focus on speed development. Our training methods are here to maximize your individual needs and goals.


Start training with ELITE PERFORMANCE TODAY and accomplish your health and fitness goals! You will gain muscle, lose body fat, create healthy habits, and start living the life you're meant to live!



At Elite Performance NV, we prioritize and focus on speed development for our athletes because elite speed is the difference between good and great players.

What We Offer!

Sports Performance Training!

Our sports performance training is fully personalized to your specific sport and goals. We take a comprehensive approach that is designed to enhance strength, speed, jumping ability, agility, and overall athletic performance through Linear and Undulating periodization! Matthew Gonzales has worked with athletes who have received d1 level offers, and trained athletes that now play at the collegiate level. Whether your just getting started, or an elite level athlete, You will become a more explosive, and powerful player on the court/field!

Body Recomp

Our coaching is designed to help you build muscular strength and size while also creating an overall leaner physique! We will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that fits your specific needs and goals. We offer a range of resources including extra workout plans, nutritional guidance, meal prep recipes, 24/7 support, and more! Through the course of our coaching you can expect to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass and create your dream physique!

Trenton Ross,

Sports Performance Training

" While training with Matt he was always very respectful, nice, caring, and very attentive to me and the other people he had training with us. The results i got from training with him was outstanding, he helped me recover from many injuries and has made me an amazing football player in my senior season. He really helped me achieve outstanding accomplishments through just the first few games of the season! "

Evrik Varga,

Bball & Performance Training

"Working with Matt helped me out so much. My footwork was the skill that was the most improved, my shooting has become way more consistent, my dribbling is 10x better, and im way more controlled with the ball. My defense is 100x better than what it used to be. I can slide and steal the ball way better, and my endurance has been through the roof. I dont get as tired playing anymore because of the intensity during our training sessions. I also feel like my vertical, balance, mobility, and explosiveness has increased bevause of the workouts he would put me through."

Russell Varga,

Bball Training

I had the pleasure of working with Matt who helped transform my game. His passion for the game and ability to break down complex skills into easy-to-understand steps is remarkable. He always brings positive energy to our sessions, pushes me to my limits while making it fun, and pays attention to detail in improving my technique. Thanks to his expert coaching, my skills have improved dramatically. I am 41 years old and he was able to refresh my skills bringing me up to date with the current game. I feel more confident on the court than ever before.

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Meet the team of Elite Performance NV!


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