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1:1 Skillset Training

Our 1:1 skillset training is fully personalized coaching where we work with you and create game realistic drills and  situations to help you transform your game! You can expect an improvement in driving, finishing, shooting, IQ, passing, defense, and ball handling just to name a few! We offer packages where you can train with us 1-3x a week depending on what works best for your schedule! Working with us will completely transform your game and allow you to reach a whole new level! 

What's Included?

Strength and Conditioning Coaching:

We include basketball specific strength and conditioning coaching so you are able to truly transform your game! Not only will my coaching will help you transform your vertical jump, speed, agility, and strength, it will complement your skillset training and blend perfectly! The best part, is our strength and conditioning coaching will help you become more physical on the court and is formatted to increase your durability and longevity!

Mindset Development:

Being that as former student athletes, We understand how a lack of confidence can completely ruin your game! That's why we strongly believe in motivating  and encouraging our clients! In order to play at a high level, you need dedication, persistence, self motivation, and level headedness. We will guide and teach you how to have a next possession mindset. What this means is even though you made a mistake, you let it go, get back on defense, hustle, and make up for it in the next possession. This is important not only for basketball but in life as well!

Skillset Training :

Our Skillset Training teaches you everything you need in order to succeed at that next level! We create game realistic drills and situations that will teach you how to score whenever and however you want! You will build head turning shooting, finishing, ball-handling, passing, and defensive abilities! My Skillset Training is extremely in depth, we have been able to completely change our clients game by adjusting something as simple as footwork! You will never be intimidated by good defense again, because we will teach you every counter-move effectively so even against the best defensive players, you will still have full control of the game!

Nutritional Guidance and Recovery:

Being a high level athlete is more than just being strong, skillful, talented, and even athletic. Being a high level athlete means taking care of your body and eating the right things! In order to train effectively you need to be eating the proper foods, macronutrients, and stretching effectively. I help with this by providing meal prep recipes, custom macros, grocery shopping assistance lists, and recovery protocols!

Sneak Peak

Here are just a few videos as a sneak peak of what our coaching is all about!

Working on being able to pull-up from a behind the back dribble

Between the legs to sell the screen, then reject the screen with a push cross into a pull-up

Working on being able to knock down shots from different spots and creating consistency

Young Pak

"Thank you for referring us to Matt. He's doing a phenomenal job with Jett. It's only been two sessions and Jett's inside attack is a day and nights difference from before ⛹️‍♂️"

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