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Basketball Training!

Transform your on-court skills. Unleash your basketball athleticism. Take your game to that next level.

Elite Performance

- 4 Days per week

- Weight Room/Gym Required for Months 2 & 3!

- Created for athletes 13+ (Previous Lifting experience preferred)

- 12 Week long program

- Video demonstration and description on how to perform exercises

- 24/7 support from your own personal trainer!

- Nutritional Guidance and help

1:1 Skillset Training

- Personalized 1:1 training 

- Sessions last between 1hr 15-30 min!

- Options of 1-3 sessions a week!

- Game realistic drills

- Positive Environment. I'm here to get you to that next level, so don't be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes make the best opportunities to learn!

- Improve all aspects of your game!

- Become a smarter player

Our Coaching Philosophy!

Hard work

Hard work is everything when it comes to becoming a better player! The extra reps, extra shots, and extra effort is what separates the great players from the good players. When it comes to our 1:1 skillset training, you will have to work hard. We are going to push you every time we meet, but that's because we want you to succeed! Hard work beats talent every time!


We believe that you need to have passion in everything that you do! Passion is what is going to drive you to work hard and put in the extra effort despite being tired. If you love the process, then nobody will stop you! We are extremely passionate about the game of basketball and helping others succeed. We become  personal trainers so we would have the education and knowledge to help others grow! That being said we are extremely dedicated to helping you become the athlete and player you've dreamt of!


The #1 thing that coaches look for in a player is how consistent they are! Coaches need players they can rely on for 4 quarters! That's why when training with us, you will be conditioned to play the length of the game while being able to consistently knock down shots, drive to the basket, and use your body even though you are fatigued. Consistency is key, and you will become a more consistent player when training with us. 

What Our Clients

Say About US!

Young Pak

"Thank you for referring us to Matt. He's doing a phenomenal job with Jett. It's only been two sessions and Jett's inside attack is a day and nights difference from before ⛹️‍♂️"
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